Uninstalled CellSpin

After successfully using CellSpin for my mobile blogging for a couple of weeks, my centro has developed weird symptoms: the phone started freezing during prolonged periods of inactivity. I do not know if this was due to the CellSpin software itself or its interaction with other programs, but I was forced to remove the program and hard-reset my phone. Too bad, as CellSpin allowed for very easy posting of text, photos, and video to many blogging sites. Now I am using m.wordpress.com. The experience is not quite as integrated (it is browser based) and my aging phone’s OS doesn’t seem to do a good job at displaying the page but at least I can do my mobile posts if I so desire. I am still yet to find out if WordPress mobile has the same weird character number limitation as CellSpin did, but hopefully I will be able to post more than just a few sentenses. 🙂


Building a Travel Site

Just got myself a sweet domain name: http://www.UpcomingTrip.com. Hopefully, if I get some motivation and street smarts together, I will be able to turn it into a nice little online travel agency. In any case, the domain name is awesome!

My Gym :)

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Club “Push” St. Pete, FL

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Rained In

Decided to take a 40 minute bike ride to my gym today. As a result, I am now stuck in the post office due to the torrential downpours we seem to be getting today. Let’s just hope they are “Florida Showers” and won’t last long: post office is not the most exciting place around 🙂

Transformers 2 Review

transformers2_29Got to see “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” yesterday and let’s just say the film was far from impressive to me. Michael Bay’s latest saga lacks any semblance of a cohesive plot, the characters lines are atrocious, and the fight scenes are repetitive unimaginative. In addition, the picture is set to a “dramatically patriotic” sound track which seems to ruin the movie even further.
The film itself very quickly degrades into a continuous tyrad of sex jokes with random (and frequent) robot fights thrown in. The fights themselves could have been done better IMO there’s is too many closeups with camera jerking all over the place which makes the figts very hard to follow. This is especially true towards the end of the film, when approximately 30 robots are duking it out: It’s impossible to figure out who is attacking who and who is winning.
The “plot” of the motion picture is as follows:
A couple of years after the original film takes place all is well on planet Earth. Megatron is dumped into the ocean (for some reason nobody bothers to destroy him) completely intact and is guarded by a couple of submarines. Autobots roam the world together with the humans (which only seem to excel at getting killed) hunting for the last remaining Decepticons. Sam, the hero of last movie, is all grown up now and is getting ready to go off to college leaving his girlfriend (broke and looking after her ex-convict dad in his bike shop) and Bumblebee behind. Incidentally, his family seems to have enough money for Sam to go to Harvard, but not enough to buy any car to replace Bumblebee… weird
Everything is fine as well until Sam finds a piece of the energy cube in the pocket of his jacket (!!!) which sets the whole premise of the plot in motion. The shard immediately animates toasters, vacuums, and other miscellaneous household appliances which leads to decepticons finding out about Sam’s whereabouts. The shard also downloads certain knowledge into Sam’s brain, but does it in a language, even robots seem to be unable to read. Turns out, the information is pertinent to locating a key to the ancient pre-Decepticon superweapon designed to destroy the Sun and gather the resulting energy as energon. Sounds evil, right? These facts, however do not seem to come out till well over an hour into the movie (until the its just stupid “American Pie” style jokes). Throw in some vague swine flu references (when was the movie shot again?) Decepticons that seem to be able to transform into super-hot human teenage girls, main characters who keep getting killed and resurrected, and you’ve got yourself a movie.
Overall, I was upset about wasting the $4 that our movie theater charges.

RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is officially declared dead after suffering a heart attack today. This is sad news, the guy has definetly made an amazing contribution to both pop music and music videos, his influence can easily be seen in plenty of performers (uhm, Timberlake). In a way, MJ has always been a mirror of society. Rest in peace, Michael, creator of “Thriller”! You will be remembered!