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Uninstalled CellSpin

After successfully using CellSpin for my mobile blogging for a couple of weeks, my centro has developed weird symptoms: the phone started freezing during prolonged periods of inactivity. I do not know if this was due to the CellSpin software itself or its interaction with other programs, but I was forced to remove the program and hard-reset my phone. Too bad, as CellSpin allowed for very easy posting of text, photos, and video to many blogging sites. Now I am using The experience is not quite as integrated (it is browser based) and my aging phone’s OS doesn’t seem to do a good job at displaying the page but at least I can do my mobile posts if I so desire. I am still yet to find out if WordPress mobile has the same weird character number limitation as CellSpin did, but hopefully I will be able to post more than just a few sentenses. 🙂