Sunset in St. Pete

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Ran into a limitation of CellSpin on the Centro. Apparently, the size of the clipboard on the OS is too small to post entries of significant size (over 4 kilobytes). I am currently attempting to correct the problem: I have located a freeware program, called PowerClip, which was written by the famed PalmOS Hacker Dimitry Greenberg. I am yet to discover if there are any stability issues with PowerClip (or with CellSpin for that matter) but I am typing this entry from my hope of seeing whether this hack works.

UPDATE: It does not. Still cannot get over the character limit from my phone.

“Knocked Up” FAIL

Watching “Knocked Up”. I have long forgotten just how much this movie sucks. Still do not understand why it’s called a comedy or a movie.

CellSpin: Blog From My Phone

Wohoo! After literally dozens of minutes in front of the computer I was finally able to figure out the set up for CellSpin.Net client for my aging (but still very much loved) PalmOS Centro. Hopefully this freeware will be able to do what it advertises: letting me post quick blog updates from my phone to my WordPress blog. So far, I was able to upload a photo from my phone “Peter the Crab”. The upload worked, although I wish there were ways to set up the size of the photo on my page. Still, a keeper so far.

Peter the Crab

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Slumdog Millionaire

Just watched “Slumdog Millionaire” last night. I have watched numerous Indian movies before and therefore was pleasantly surprised with this title. The story is simple and engaging (And almostdevoid of family tie – related subplots, a rarity in Indian cinematography.) The cinematography and camera work are simply stellar. The whole film seems to be shot through a yellow filter which makes the picture feel “warm” and “sunny”. In addition, the soundtrack fits the movie quite well in my oppinion.

The story focuses on the life of 2 orphan kids from the “slums” (huge waste dump) area of India, their troubles and life choices, and of course, love. The movie is very sad, but, in the end does have a happy ending, which was unnesessary for this film in my opinion. Overall, I would say that “Slumdog” is the best movie I have seen in thelast couple of months.

What do you you think?

Nikolai Ezhov

Nikolai Ezhov

Ran into a photo of Nikolai Ezhov, the head of NKVD in the 1930s Soviet Union yesterday. Talk about body doubles!